July 2012 Launch Report

The question at a July rocket launch in Tucson isn't "Will it be hot?", but "How hot will it be?" This year wasn't too bad. The morning broke to mid-level clouds, relieving rocketeers from the direct rays of the sun, at least for a little while. Even after the sun came out, the temperatures weren't as bad as one would expect. The result was a great day of flying.

The motor breakdown was as follows:
July2012Launch 200x245 3001/2A: 5
A: 15
B: 19
C: 18
D: 9
E: 11
F: 5
G: 9
H: 3
I: 2
J: 1
K: 1
L: 1
Those are quite respectable numbers for a summer launch!

Quite a few new young fliers showed up, including some who used SARA's Rent-a-rocks for their first flights. As usual, the SARA regulars showed them the ropes and helped introduce them to this exhilarating hobby. The vote to come back at a future launch was unanimous. Thanks to everyone who helped out.

The weather guessers (as Eric Burch likes to call them) predicted rain by noon, and they weren't far wrong. As the launch drew to a close, a black wall of rainclouds and accompanying rain materialized in the south and began a steady march towards the site. But the rain held off long enough to get all of the rockets launched, and the launch gear safely stowed. It would be hard to reasonably expect a better launch day. Let's hope for one as good at the August launch!

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