Announcing Our New Facebook Page!

facebook like button 100x48We are pleased to announce the creation of an enhanced Facebook page. The new page replaces the former "group", so please visit the new SARA Facebook page soon and please be sure to LIKE us!!!! remains the primary source for news and information about SARA, but the new Facebook page, which will be updated with content from the website, will provide yet another avenue for those who wish share experiences and ideas with others and stay connected to our events and initiatives.

Nominations Open for BoD Election

The annual election for the SARA Board of Directors will be held immediately following the December club launch. If you are interested in a board position, you can be nominated by simply volunteering to fill that position. Any member in good standing can also nominate another with approval from the nominee. Nominations will be accepted at the December club launch, or can be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by midnight December 15, 2011.


October 2011 Launch Report

The weather for the October launch was near perfect, with temps in the mid-80s, blue skies, and winds mostly light and variable throughout the morning. Turnout was a little better than the September launch, with 93 total flights, including 19 High-Power flights and 74 hobby and mid-power. One D-Engine cluster was flown, accounting for 2 engines in the "D" class.

One High Power launch almost became a "Land Shark" when for unknown reasons it decided to take off horizontally, at a very low altitude, and in the general direction of the parking area. No damage or injuries resulted, except to the rocket, which came to earth Southeast of the parking area.


Weather Station Now Online

Rocketeers can now check out the waether condions at the launch site before heading out for our events! Just head to the SARA Web site at and click on the Weather link under the Launch Info menu item.

WeatherLink TIMPAThe new weather station is the result of a joint project between SARA and TIMPA to utilize a newly installed Internet service in the "hangar". The Davis Vantage Pro2 hardware was donated by a local company, with the clubs picking up the cost of the software and installation.


October Night Launch Report

Night launches of hobby rockets are something special. They require special permission from the FAA. They launch special rockets that are equipped with bright lights. And they are successful when special rocketeers build these special birds and let them take flight.IMG_8767-(100x150)x

The Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) may well have the most active night launch community in all of rocketry. At regional launches, such as Plaster Blaster in Plaster City, California, SARA members dominate the night launch. The SARA night launch on October 8 saw a whopping 50 flights, with 11 of them on high power motors!


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