Weather Station Now Online

Rocketeers can now check out the waether condions at the launch site before heading out for our events! Just head to the SARA Web site at and click on the Weather link under the Launch Info menu item.

WeatherLink TIMPAThe new weather station is the result of a joint project between SARA and TIMPA to utilize a newly installed Internet service in the "hangar". The Davis Vantage Pro2 hardware was donated by a local company, with the clubs picking up the cost of the software and installation.


October Night Launch Report

Night launches of hobby rockets are something special. They require special permission from the FAA. They launch special rockets that are equipped with bright lights. And they are successful when special rocketeers build these special birds and let them take flight.IMG_8767-(100x150)x

The Southern Arizona Rocketry Association (SARA) may well have the most active night launch community in all of rocketry. At regional launches, such as Plaster Blaster in Plaster City, California, SARA members dominate the night launch. The SARA night launch on October 8 saw a whopping 50 flights, with 11 of them on high power motors!


High-Power Motors Defined

In response to comments about model rocket impulse class motors requiring high power certification I offer the following information from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA document 1125 "Code for the Manufacture of Model Rocket and High Power Rocket Motors" defines both model and high power rocket motors. The current edition is the recently released 2012 edition.


September 2011 Club Launch Report

The weather for the September launch was gorgeous, with temperatures tending more toward warm than hot, and a light breeze from the south drifting the rockets into the TIMPA land just north of our launch site. The new PA system, partially funded by a grant from NAR, made sure that everyone could clearly hear the Launch Control Officer (LCO).

It was a great day of flying, with 80 launches burning 81 motors; the lone two-stage flight was an unusual combination of a D booster staging to an E sustainer. As with the August launch, high power G motors made an appearance, in this case a Cesaroni G106-11.


Dinner and a Night Launch!

photo by Annette SostarichThe SARA October night launch just got better!

Come early to enjoy dinner on the range provided by the food vendor who will also be serving during the Aerobatic Shootout.

There is no parking charge after 2:00 on Saturday, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy dinner and a sunset.


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