High-Power Motors Defined

In response to comments about model rocket impulse class motors requiring high power certification I offer the following information from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). NFPA document 1125 "Code for the Manufacture of Model Rocket and High Power Rocket Motors" defines both model and high power rocket motors. The current edition is the recently released 2012 edition.


September 2011 Club Launch Report

The weather for the September launch was gorgeous, with temperatures tending more toward warm than hot, and a light breeze from the south drifting the rockets into the TIMPA land just north of our launch site. The new PA system, partially funded by a grant from NAR, made sure that everyone could clearly hear the Launch Control Officer (LCO).

It was a great day of flying, with 80 launches burning 81 motors; the lone two-stage flight was an unusual combination of a D booster staging to an E sustainer. As with the August launch, high power G motors made an appearance, in this case a Cesaroni G106-11.


Dinner and a Night Launch!

photo by Annette SostarichThe SARA October night launch just got better!

Come early to enjoy dinner on the range provided by the food vendor who will also be serving during the Aerobatic Shootout.

There is no parking charge after 2:00 on Saturday, so this is a great opportunity to enjoy dinner and a sunset.


4-H Group Launches "Green" Rocket

The Santa Cruz County 4-H Rocketeers have only been assembled for two years, but they decided to go "for the gusto" and build a rocket from scratch! Leader Tami Cubillas chose the "green theme" early in the year to teach the kids how to recycle. She had a used mailing tube as inspiration for the rocket and after sharing her idea with the kids they began brainstorming. "It all comes down to the fact that renewable resources are all around us, we just need to learn how to find them and use them" said Tami.

Santa-Cruz-4-H-Rocketeers_150x120The club's junior leader, Ross took the helm for drawing up the plans and the teamwork began. All of the boys, ages up to 16, learned how to draw to scale, chose the other materials needed for the rest of the rocket and the idea of a green rocket was in full bloom.


September Raffle Winner

At the September SARA club launch, we had another very successful raffle.

August_Raffle_Camera_Winner_100x140Congratulations to Carol Brown, the winner of the grand prize, a Flip Video MinoHD Camera.

August_Raffle_Rocket_Winner_100x140Winner of the Display Rocket was Scot Sumner.

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