Fire Precautions for June 2011 Launch

The long-range weather forecast for Sunday at noon is for temperatures around 97° with wind gusts of about 17 MPH, very low relative humidity around 13% and 0% probability of precipitation. This means an Extreme Fire Danger Warning will likely still be in effect during our club launch hours.

The first priority of SARA is safety, and we meet and exceed the minimum standards for rocketry hobby fire safety at all our launches. Because of the extreme conditions expected, the SARA Board of Directors has implemented additional precautions for the Sunday, June 26th launch:


Pole-mounted Modular Launch Systems

Last year, the club purchased six pole-mounted modular launch systems that were designed by Eric Burch. These have proved to be a great asset and have proved themselves over hundreds of launches including two Desert Heat events.Launch_Tube

The club is planning to buy more of the pole-mounted modular launch systems for club use and we need your help.

First, what do you think would improve the system. Eric's design is certainly able to be improved and he would like to gather all the good ideas out there - it helps the club.

Second, if you would be interested in one for your own personal use, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once we get a summary together of proposed changes as well as an anticipated cost of a unit we will let you know.

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STS-134 Ascent Highlights

Sure, a Space Shuttle is a bunch of technology. But the sum of Endeavor's parts adds to an extremely emotional experience; especially on launch. Multiple cameras, mic arrays and graphic overlays capture the energetic essence in symphonic glory.

Watch this spectacular video tribute as the Space Shuttle Endeavour and the STS-134 crew begin their journey to the International Space Station on May 16, 2011.


May 2011 Club Launch Report

SARA's May launch opened to perfect conditions, with no winds and a clear blue sky. The gorgeous weather resulted in a great turnout, with everyone eager to fly rockets.

By the end of the launch at noon, 131 flights had been made. 118 of them used G-impulse or lower motors, while 13 flights used high power (i.e. H and up) motors. There were also a greater than usual number of two-stage and cluster flights; over a quarter of the B motors burned were used in rockets with two motors. The overall motor breakdown was as follows:


Board of Directors Meeting - May 2011

{jcomments on}The SARA Board of Directors meet on Thursday, May 12, 2011. The primary purpose for the meeting was to discuss the recent resignation of Doug Forester as the club's Secretary/Treasurer. Doug was involved with SARA when our first by-laws were enacted in 2000. Doug has served on the Board from the beginning as Member at Large in Sept, 2000; President in 2001; and Secretary/Treasurer since 2002.

An election will be held in a few months after proper notification can be made to the entire membership, currently consisting of 69 memberships plus 31 Junior family members (for those counting, that means we have reached 100 members for the first time!)


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